Day Seven - 30 Day D&D Challenge 2013: A funny story about editions...

The 7th post of the 30 Day Challenge. I heard about this through The Other Side Blog. Cred for the origonal idea goes to Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things.

This one is simple. I like 3.5.

More over, I believe I would like D&D 3.75 (another moniker for Pathfinder). Though I haven't played it before, this one story I heard from a fellow gamer suggests to me that the system would be a nice fit.

"So I bought the core rule book, becuase we found a DM to run the game. I always practice making characters before I go play, since it gives me a little preview on the rules.

When ever I make a D&D character in 3.0 or 3.5, it takes me at least an hour, maybe two, to make sure I get everything covered and don't miss anything.

It took me two hours to make a character in Pathfinder. But it wasn't becuase the rules were all over the place or I couldn't find anything or that it was complicated.

It was becuase Pathfinder's character creation system was SO SIMPLE that I was absolutley certain that I had missed something, and had to go back and double check to make sure I hadn't missed anything!"

If it takes a couple tries to get used to how much simpler a system is, than D&D must be a true clusterfudge. That makes me want to try Pathfinder most of all.

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