Day Six - 30 Day D&D Challenge 2013: The Infulence of the Gods

Bow down and give tithes unto the 6th post of the 30 Day Challenge. Remember, we see lots of Washingtons and Lincolns in the collection plate, but Benjamins are welcome too! I heard about this through The Other Side Blog. Cred for the origonal idea goes to  Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things.

Day 6: Fave God

"I am the Law!" from Deities and Demigods  3.5
That would be St. Cuthbert, easily.

St. C does it for me mostly becuase I'm a DM, and Cuthbert is such a wonderful god for me to use.

I got instant hardline oppresion regime when he steps out into politics, without being too evil and drawing up that kind of mess. His dogma creates the perfect law-enforcement for hire industry, where kings and princes can take out big-money contracts to make use of their military trained clerics, paladins and knights to enforce order in their land, for good or ill. Cutherbertians are just the type of people to hear about a city overflowing with thievry and corruption, assemble a expeditionary force (containing one or more PCs), gahter funds from other churches and interested nobles, and police a nation thousands of miles away for no other purpose than creating just a bit more order in the world. These guys could maintain magical prisons, build dungeons to house artifacts of chaotic power, own flotillas of astral carracks to battle sladdi...

I love gods that have active congregations, becuase as we know in human history, relgion can get people to do crazy stuff. Stuff so crazy, it just might work in my game...

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