Cold, Deep and Dark: Support "The Dark Zone!"

Murky Master is an observant man...

He has noticed that his #3 post of all time is one in regards to a kickstarter than he was rather passionate about. So, it might be that you all like to hear about new Kickstarter projects coming down the line, especially RPGs.

Well too bad. This is not a new RPG in development. This is a new movie  in development.

Why do I care (and why should you)?

This is why.
Those three images are an extremely vague reference to a time we all are overly senitmental about even though life is about the here and now and Windows 8.1 isn't that bad remember fondly, but its also a reference to who is writing the script to this movie!

Micheal Reaves, writer of the above shows and more, is on this project. That alone is incentive to be a part of this project, but not only am I expecting great wrting.

Film Technician to David Cameron and mony others is acting as director to the Dark Zone. Steve Perry, who wrote book little known to fandom like Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire and the Matador Series (Starting with "The Man Who Never Missed") is co-writing the script. Manny Pacquiao (yes, the boxer), may be playing one of the characters but Richard Hatch (from Battlestar Galatica) IS definetly on board.

The plot even sounds interesting. Man and duaghter are trying to patch things up with a visit to a cave, minding their own business, when the drug dealers that were innocently trying to get their product accross the Mexican border by going through said cave have a problem. They need hostages. Mysogny kicks in and they take the 16 year old girl. Daddy must rescue. Did I mention he was claustrophobic?

What I like best about this movie though is that it will be shot entirely on location. In a cave. With rocks and darkness and poor lighting and stuff.

What is quality?

But, really, why would anyone invest in the making of an obviously low budget movie. No, Robert Downy Jr. isn't in it. No, its not going to be the shiniest, most clear picture. One could interpret the shortcoming of this movie, due to its or-you-could-buy-a-honda budget.  

But, what is quality, really? For me, quality in a product is an indication that a product can do what it needs to make me happy. For me, a movie needs to tell a good story, that is exciting, holds me for 90-12 minutes, and I will remember fondly after I'm done. 

The Dark Zone looks like it will be able to do that. It will not be able to accomplish this with the most expensive special effects (which is not to say that I don't love special effects movies. I will pay brisk money to watch fancy CGI dance in front of me with a little bit of plot to wash it down). It will hav e to accomplish it with story, with good cinematography, and enough acting chops to make me not drop the remote. 

By this logic, however wet-toilet-paper thin, I am very confident that The Dark Zone will be a quality movie. I have seen and remembered great low-budget films (Alien Apocolypse, Easy Rider). I'm ready to see and remeber this one. 

Help these guys out! I want my pdf at the end of this!

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