More Alexa concept art, and happy news from Drive Thru Fiction!

To whip or not to whip it?
More Alexa art from Tobias! He suggested this lovely whip concept for Alexa, as opposed to just arm blades.

I love it! Its deadly, versatile, and likely prehensile as well.

But its not going on Alexa.

Did I just really say I hate it? Au contrare! Or however you spell that.

I thinks its the perfect weapon: for Phear. Our Cassandra, our well off woman with a disaffected girlfriend and a disdain for vaporized nicotine delivery systems, who helps Alexa immensely in this story and this series.

Lets just say the choice of the whip for her weapon will become quite obvious in the novels and short stories to come. One hint: Killian.

That being said, I love the colors and the wiredness of the weapons style, and I hope you do too. If you thinks its all too much, say so! I might ignore you, but you still have a right to complain!

Next round of art I'm aiming for is a full complement of parastic body armor, which she wears for the job that you can't finish at a quarter to 5. She'll need every inch of chitin to survive the breachers and other beasts to come.

Drive Thru Fiction is doing well! 

"Where Was I?" is getting out there to people! To those people, I must thank you and I STRONGLY encourage you to share the DRM-free copies of that story to everyone you can. Don't even ask, just email it to them, and tell them to upload it to Google Play books or download Bookviser or Freeda books or any Epub reader they can find. I mean, don't spam your grandma if she's not into young people getting booted out of the city because they don't have the freaking right letter tattooed to their foreheads, but you know what I mean.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, go here and buy my beautiful story for whatever you want, even free, and upload that EPUB file directly to your Google Play Books account. You'll be able to read all about it. There will be a link to my Patreon in there as well, so you can get excerpts way ahead of time and other goodies.

Thanks for your support, my people!

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