A present for my readers

Present for you, can't open it yet though...

Y'all have been good loyal readers, yes indeed. Thus I'm gonna give y'all a shiny present.



Close your eyes. Stick out your hands. Unless your driving and reading this on your phone. Why are you doing that. LOOK OUT FOR THE TRAIN!

Think of your favorite book. Dragonlance, Lord of the Rings, Count of Monte Cristo, Burning Chrome, doesn't matter. Think of how it looks. Each letter follows one after another. Nice and orderly.

And when its time for a paragraph, gasp!, we put in a little space.

We do that because it looks good. Its makes the story easier to read. So you like it better. So you dont judge it poorly.

Now imagine that each and every letter in your favorite book is a person, and each word is a little house they live in, and every paragraph is like a little neighborhood, with little people who laugh and love and work and cry when their dogs die and everything.

And imagine that the is a beneficent author, who arranges all their Letter-People in these neat little rows, making sure the story flows nice and no one gets hurt. It takes its job very, very, gravely seriously.


Because you are the critic. You hold the book, their whole world, in your hands.

And when you put that book down with a contemptuous huff.

They burn.


Murky Master is proud to announce the publication of his first story: "Where was I?" Coming soon to DriveThruFiction.com.

If you want a free copy, comment to this post before July 12 2016 or PM your email on G+, Twitter, or FB.

Thanks for being my reader, and for really liking me. At least I assume you do.

I haven't been proofed yet.

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