The 777 Writing Challenge: Watch me WIP!

So, I was trolling the webz, and lo and behold, find the blog of one of the editors at Albedo1 (Thanks Sharon). Most current post had the "777 Writing Challenge."

I was intrigued, at first because I knew that after Linus Torvalds invented Linux, Satan decided to change the Number of the Beast to 777 because it was so much more evil (setting a folder's permissions to 777 means anyone can get in it, even the Hot-Pocket stroking Rat from The Core). But, I read further, and its apparently a sort of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" kind of challenge: the kind that only the brave (or those who can forgive themselves) can follow through. I like it...

Here's the how:

1. Find the 7th line on the 7th page of your current work-in-progress (WIP)
2. Copy that line and seven lines after it
3. Post it, naked, unedited, and afraid, for the worldwide sideshow to see

Here's the go. This is from "Alexa", my short piece WIP.


“Christmas day. It was really cold that night. One of the harvesters, Nero I think, came into the loading bay, forgot to lock the garage door behind him. Phear’s brother, the second story man, noticed, slipped out of the manacles and slipped away. Nero’s skin is still hanging up inside the Ritus Chamber.”

“...So we could sneak them out one at a time? No, that's not practical. How can we prevent them from going in the first place.”

“Kill everyone?”

“They will just be replaced.”


First thing I notice is that I happened upon dialog, dialog between two people so I drop the names after awhile. This is a short story though: is the dialogue too long, I wonder? I'll consider that in the first edit.

Also, tone is still there, somewhat, but I could maybe take some more oppurtunites to show it. We'll see..

Y'all will see the final draft of Alexa eventually, either on the blog or in a magazine. Either way, I'll let you know.


By the way, I tag +Alan Vannes, +Sean Bircher+Charles Akins +Maggie Carroll and any other writers that hit this for the Challenge. Fiction, Non-Fiction, RPG Cores and Supplements, all apply in my opinion.

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