Recruiting for a Classic World of Darkness Play by Post Game

Using the "Call of the Wyld" here!

By the way, my readers: I am recruiting for a Classic World of Darkness game, to be played on the White Wolf Forums Play by Post subforum. It is "potentially" a Vampire the Masquerade and Werewolf the Apocolypse crossover, although if I get nothing but Werewolf character then it will just be a W:tA game with vampire NPCs (probably mostly antagonists) in it. Looking for 4 players max, and I already have one.

Vampires in Texas? Inconceivable!

Play is centered around a number of fictional towns a little south of San Antonio, Texas in the midst of a Shale Play, and the struggles of various factions to take advantage of or reduce the damage of an oil boom that the big state has not seen in decades. San Antonio has been a traditionally Sabbat city in my world, due to its connections with Mexico City. But now, Camarilla forces lured by the enormous financial gains and fresh blood supplies of the oil boom, are starting to move in. Pentex and the Wyrm also have great interest in the money, booze, gambling and fracking chemicals used in the boom, which does not sit well with the Nuwisha, the Apache/Uktena werewolves, and other Werewolf tribes.

If you want more info or want to join in the carnage, here's the link. http://forum.theonyxpath.com/forum/general/conventions-and-gatherings/284978-recruitment-fractown-a-v-tm-w-ta-crossover?_=1414151836055.

All changing breeds, clans and bloodlines are acceptable. If you have a character idea that you know no self respecting ST who actually read the books would allow because it totally ridicules canon, bring it on over!

If you think that playing Vampires and Werewolf's in South Texas, were its all dusty and country music and shit, you really MUST come join, and let Murky Master show you how its done! There is plenty of drama to be had in an oil town.

I'll create a tab on my blog to list some of the details of the world as it grows. Its already swelling precipitously.

See you in Fractown...

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