Day Five - 30 Day D&D Challenge 2013: Dice pun!

Short posts aint got no reason to live! Here's the knee-high 5th post of the 30 Day Challenge. I heard about this through The Other Side Blog. Cred for the origonal idea goes to  Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things.

Day 5: Favorite Dice

Here's my old bag o' dice. They are a motely crew of multicolored, battle worn peices. These are not your well trained regulars, with their sqare button to keep them from wiping their noses and their phenomenal discipline and pagenrty. No, these are the mercenaries, the rebels, the hometwon milita of rag-tag bandits. Theses are the kind of die that may roll a couple of single digits here and there or even the not terribly uncommon one after a long night of carousing, but these are the kind of die that will drop a 20 for ya in a pinch. Loyal through and through these rough riding ne'erdowells are!

And no, I make no apologies for the bag!

My favorite individual die is this guy. He's wierd, being a sort of double 10 in dodecahedron form, but he's a cool die. And yes, he came out of the bag on a 1: haters be damned.

Here's old blue. I have no idea where he came from, or where he's been. He's just an old double 10 is all...

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