Day 3 - 30 Day D&D Challenge: The High Class

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And Lo, comes the 3rd post of the 30 Day Challenge. I heard about this through The Other Side Blog. Cred for the origonal idea goes to  Polar Bear Dreams and Stranger Things.

Day 3: Favorite playable class.

There are those adventurers who swing swords, those who pray for help, those who skulk, those who sing songs and finally those who do silly flips when they fight.

That doesn't do anything for me. 
Apart, and far above, those mundane classes there are those who dare to intone the secret codes that bring the very universe to its knees, and with an unwavering hand, direct energies and extra dimensional minions to destroy their insolent opposition. These book worm badasses are known as wizards.
Oh yeah! I have no idea who did this awesome, epic pic of a wizard! Can anyone help me find this artist?
I have been told that wizards are less combat capable than their sorcerer counterparts, who can just blast spells at things without study. Those who say that can suck a fart from the ass of a rat: I don't care about their combat ability nearly as much as I care about their research ability.

Because wizards have to study to get their power, they have tons of knowledge. I love it when I get to play in an investigative game or when I get to uncover brand new magic spells. I like being asked "What the hell do we do about X, wizard?" I love being the suppository for the parties knowledge and findings. 

I'm also a sucker for scenes in books and movies where the wizard rolls up his sleeves and whips out some awesome magical hoo-hah. I love rituals. I love crafting magic items, golems, and enchanting castles. I love summoning creatures and going to big wizarding conventions. That is just awesome stuff to me. 

He has won the respect of the powers that be. Wizard by ~m-a-t-h-e-s at www.deviantart.com
Sometimes, hell manytimes, I wish I could do that stuff in RL. Alas, it is not to be so.

Still, that's why we play D&D, isn't it? We play so we can do all the things and be all the things that we can't be in life. 

To put it succinctly I love knowing and I love magic. That's why I love wizards.

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