Roleplayer's Library Review: Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility

I thought to myself, as I made up my mind to read Austen's two most well known novels: Oh my. Some books about Regency England. More specifically, some books about people trying to get married, in Regency England. Not a gunfight, naval battle or duel in sight. ZZZZZzzzzz....

Yet, as you may expect, I formed a different opinion once I began reading.

To be honest, I laughed my ass off the whole time.

Pride and Prejudice is about the vexations of the Bennet family and their attempt to marry off their two most eligible daughters, Julie and Elizabeth. Liz, the main protagonist, wants nothing more in the world to see her older, sweeter, gentler sister happy, and that means she must marry Mr. Bingley, whom she is fallen hard for.
Unfortunately, Mr. Bingley has a friend: Mr. Darcy, a mean, cold, arrogant, rich and handsome bachelor. And he is standing in the way of Julie's happiness. Liz wont back down that easily though.

Sense and Sensibility concerns a pair of sisters who are very much opposites. One of whom is about to marry someone who is very much a bad match, and the other may see the man she loves taken away...

These books apply to:

Iron Kingdoms
Victorian Age Vampire
Vampire the Masquerade
Any other 1800's type setting, or an analog of such times.
Any game where the conflict needs to be free of violence

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