Roleplayer's Library Review: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne

Cover Art and Design by Jim Tierney

In this time of steampunk love, I though it would be apropos to review one of Verne's best remembered tales of wonder, science, and adventure. When a ship is sunk by a mysterious attack, made by either a "massive narwhal" or something else, the U.S. Navy launches the Abraham Lincoln, and the celebrated naturalist Professor Pierre Aronnax, his ardent manservant Conseil and the burly Canadian whaler Ned Land, are serendipitously aboard. When the vessel finally encounters the culprit behind the sinking ships, a pitched battle pitches them into the brine, and into the hands of the Nautilus, and her mysterious architect, Captain Nemo.


Roleplayer's Library Review: Marriage and Family in the Middle Ages by Frances and Joesph Gies

ISBN-13: 978-0060914684
Marriage and Family in the Middle Ages is a highly readable, easily accessible tome for understanding the world of, well, marriage and family in the middle ages. Even if you have never cracked a non-fic since high school, you won't have too much trouble understanding this one.



By Artur Sadlos

It was dark, cold, scuttling and strange in the comic book shop that night.

Not that the place was unfamiliar to me. It was that same comic book store my mother took me to a few weeks before this paticular night I speak of. She thought, after the colostrum of the Hobbit, read to me before the winter of my birthtime came again, that the store would appeal to me. It was so that I welcomed the store into my heart, Heroes and Fantasies was its name (it is no more now...). 

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