Featured Charity: Screaming Chickens Explorer Post FRC Team 3997

My friends, the one and only Screaming Chickens at the World Championship in 2013!
Hey readers, I want to introduce you to some really cool geek kids that are totally into robotics and are doing big things in San Antonio: the Screaming Chickens FRC Team 3997! These guys have a Fundly campaign going on (which explains the campaign card in the upper right corner...) and I humbly ask you guys to help me raise them some money so they can keep doing what they do: build crazy t-shirt shooting, basketballing robots!

Just yesterday, Caroline Crosson, the Executive Advisor for the Screaming Chickens informed me that the team has left the 2014 Lone Star Regional in Houston and will be competing at the World Championship again, for the third time in a row. Keep in mind though, gentle readers, that this FRC team is only three years old! Three world Championships in three years!

Now all they need to do is come up with $8,000 dollars to cover travel expenses to St. Louis.

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